ABC event is being postponed

The special ‘researching Ancestral Bladder Complaints’ workshop event, originally set to go ahead at the League headquarters in Clerkenwell this weekend, has been postponed until further notice while we fix the toilet.

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New League MEETINGS!

We’ve just announced our League meeting schedule for 2013! Here are some of the highlights:

Have you heard of the “TITANIC”?
Learn more about this little-known vessel of the doomed deepness 

WW1 – not nearly as fun as you might think
A revisionist view of the “Great” War

The Victorian pregnant and the pregnant Victorian
A look at pregnancy in Victorian times, and Victorian times for the pregnant

“She looked like a sparrow and sang like a drain; she smelt of cod liver oil and went like a train”
The music hall songs of my great great grandfather 

Computers and their many uses
A look at the ‘computers’ 

Coal pits and cotton factories
Tales of maimed miners and minors 

Don’t Pat My Fanny!
How American-style “bumbags” can be a convenient storage solution for the travelling researcher

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Calling all floaters!

All visitors to this site are officially logged in our register of prospective or ‘floating members’. It means you are now on our radar as a potential League member. There’s no pressure from us. You may or may not become a League Member Proper. But remember, dear reader, that until you have become a LMP, the precious genealogical holdings in our basement archives MUST remain opaque. We look forward to welcoming your membership into the folds of our growing body!

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Scots/Irish researchers – come delve the McLeague archives

If you have Scots or Irish research interests we really encourage you to come and view our Scots and Irish research collections. You will of course first have to go through our prospective membership vetting process, but once you’re a fully signed up member of the League, you can delve into the Scots/Irish collections. Please be aware that all the ‘M’ and ‘O’ material that once resided in our alphabetised Irish/Scots holdings were destroyed in “the great League bombardment” of 1942. So while we still have lots of material for Scots/Irish research, there is no information about any surnames beginning with either Mac, Mc or O.

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Researching Canadian bush women

We have a new genealogical book available from our genealogical book shop at our headquarters in Clerkenwell. Canadian Bush Women: By The Darkening of Their Thickets is by Jenkins McDermott-Naismith, a long-time Canadian member and avid local history buff. This is a follow-up to his previous title Whoa-man! The Remarkable Lives of Canada’s Women of the Bush, which tells the moving story of the Temisquata community chili cook-off of 1873.


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Thursday Maxim 2

“Genealogists! Don’t dog us with your family stories! Let these achingly long tales remain in the corduroy prison of your brains. Silence!” Laird Cole, 1901

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Heir In My Soup

Tonight at the League’s HQ in Clerkenwell we expect a visit from our Tunbridge Wells Branch Overseer, Mr P. Edwards. He will be reporting to our disciplinary committee on declining numbers at TW branch meetings, and putting forward a motion of no confidence in his leadership, with particular reference to the massive failure of his bound collections of ancestral anecdotes: ‘Heir today! GONE tomorrow!!’ and the even less successful follow-up, ‘Three cHeirs!’, and the disastrous ‘Heir I Go Again On My Own!’.

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